In real estate property management, the property manager or management company has four major areas of responsibility:

Marketing and Financial
Tenant and Occupancy
Administration & Risk Management

The property manager is the owner’s partner in maximizing the return on investment of the property through efficient performance of these four functional areas of responsibility. The property management company acts in the
best interests of the owner to maintain the property, keep it occupied with tenants, collect rents, budget improvements and maintain records.

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Marketing and Financial 
Real estate property management involves understanding of operating expenses and budgeting. From this information, appropriate rental rates are set, balanced by the current market and what it will support in the way of rents. A firm knowledge of the area and competitive rental properties is required. The property manager may recommend marketing programs, special promotions and other advertising strategies to the owner in order to maximize occupancy and rental rates. Regular financial reporting to the owners is required. Understanding financial statements, profit and loss, income taxes and budgeting are all very important for the property manager.

Tenant and Occupancy
Understanding the needs of the tenants is important for this function. Getting them to move in is only the beginning. The property manager must then respond to their requests, monitor their activities as regards the lease requirements, collect rent in a timely manner, and continually assess the tenants’ satisfaction as regards the property’s amenities versus those of competing rental properties in the area.

Facility Management 
Property management is also physical management of the structures and outdoor areas. Landscaping, electrical, plumbing, roof, walls, appliances, and much more are all part of the physical property. The property manager must maintain relationships with contractors and repair companies, budget capital expenditures, and monitor the quality of all repairs and maintenance.

Administration & Risk Management
This is the files and records part of the property management function. Federal,
state and local governments all have some jurisdiction over real estate property
management activities.
Certain reporting requirements must be met for all of them. Meticulous records for accounting and taxes are a must. For reasons of liability, all activities and tenant interaction must be recorded and maintained for specified periods.
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